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Help Kate Keep Mishawaka Moving Ahead!

For the past 10 years I have represented the 4th District which includes our historic downtown and many established and mature neighborhoods. I serve on several council committees as well as the Mishawaka Historic Preservation Commission.  I am a small business owner and former  non-profit leader.


There are so many exciting things happening in the 4th district!  Our parks are beautiful, the Riverwalk is busy and new businesses, apartments, restaurants and even a ice loop are popping up all over!  It is a great time to live in Mishawaka and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Kate's Goals

Kate Cares

I will promote business and job growth by supporting new and expanding businesses in our community. It’s important to me that business development promotes new jobs, generates additional income and impacts our parks and neighborhoods in a positive way.

I will advocate for fiscal responsibility by asking questions about our budget and how complex issues like TIF,  Income Tax Caps, and federal mandates impact it to ensure Mishawaka's budget focuses on the issues that truly matter.


I will help cultivate safe, beautiful parks, and neighborhoods by supporting Code Enforcement as they work to clean up neighborhoods in need of help and I will support our superior Police and Fire Departments' daily work.

I will support Mishawaka schools by being a champion for our students, athletes, and administration. Excellent education is crucial to our city's future success.

​Mishawaka is Moving Ahead

Help me keep it going in the right direction!

Please vote for Kate Voelker on November 7th!

Kate Cares.

Kate will continue to work with code-enforcement to ensure we have quiet and safe neighborhoods.

Kate has worked with the City of Mishawaka Buildings Trades Partnership to revive neighborhoods, one building at a time.




My most important job is to support you. If I can help you or if you would like to share an idea or opinion with me, please get in touch!

You can help me get re-elected by going door to door with me, Hosting a meet and greet or placing a lawn sign in your yard!

How can you help?
Keep Mishawaka
Moving Ahead!

Please donate to make sure Kate is re-elected.

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